La Chapelle, an artistic place dedicated to conserts and exhibitions.

The chapel was built around 1630 and was converted into an agricultural building with a stable on the ground floor and a window (barn) on the ground floor. Restored between 2010 and 2012 it will become an exhibition space.

A large number of visitors

This exhibition was a great success, both with the public – more than 60 people were present at the opening – and with the specialist press.  


after7seas ART

12.08.2019 – 24.08.2020


La Chapelle St Roche

2 Rue du 19 Mars 1962, 83310 Cogolin



Exposition "KONTRASTE"


The art exhibition at the CH Contemporary Gallery in Murten visually explores the broad and complex theme of “contrasts”. Two young female artists are presented: Salomé Würsch from Salvenach and Evgenia after7seas from the South of France. Both artists deal with opposites in their pictorial language and, moreover, their painting is in contrast.

Salomé Würsch (Switzerland) and Evgenia after7seas (France)

How does an exhibition take place


Gallery for young, emerging, national and international artists.

The focus is on abstract painting and photography.


after7seas ART and Salomé Würsch

14.02.2020 – 17.04.2020

Contemporary Gallery CH

Hauptgasse 27 Murten (Morat), Suisse