after7seas ART



„For me it is not a talent to know how to paint but rather a capacity that is acquired over time. We just need inspiration, which is hidden all over around us”.

Evgenia how did you get into painting?

It was a whole journey full of emotions, dreams and desire to create with my own hands something extremely powerful. That’s why I chose the linen canvas. Seeing, feeling and hearing things influences me a lot.

How would you define your painting style?

I never learned to paint, so in my own words I would say chiaroscuro or rather monochrome. The most important thing is the process of creating a painting, no matter what style or technique it is done in. All my works are very personal and represent my own mental field which can change with each movement of my brushes.


Because black is a color. On my black backgrounds I express the simplicity and purity of the other colors. I would even say that black is a positive color, not linked to melancholy, sadness or madness. Before we can see the light – it must first pass through the black field, so it is a color causally linked to the origins of the world. Every single human being was in darkness before being born.

Who are the painters who may have influenced you?

Pierre Soulages with his “l’outrenoir”, Richard Serra and of course the chiaroscuro master Caravaggio.

What does “after7seas” mean?

It is the place where my happiness lives. Somewhere just after the 7th sea. People want to be happy in their 7th heaven. I wish to reach a place beyond the 7th sea. That’s where I go every day carrying my whole studio in one suitcase. And every movement of my brush – it’s a step to get there.


Exhibition “Monochromes”

Cogolin, Var, Côte d’Azur, France


La Chapelle de Cogolin, an artistic venue dedicated to concerts and exhibitions.

Exhibition “Kontraste”

Murten (Morat), Switzerland


Duo exhibition with a Swiss painter Salome Würsch in Contemporary Gallery CH.